The Power of Female Role Models

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Female Role Models. Are there any in Corporate America?  you may be asking. The 13th floor was where the top executives in the corporation for which I worked had their offices.Pictures of past presidents and chairmen lined the halls. Reminiscent of male bastions of power, female pictures were noticeably absent.

IMG_0142The Benefits of Role Models

Role Models highlight the obstacles that women have had to overcome. They serve as our inspiration and our hope for the future. We need to keep their spirit alive.

When I was working on my doctoral dissertation and interviewing female leaders, I found that the leaders that had role models felt strong as leaders and were centered in their power. But, their role models would surprise and ignite your curiosity. It was her mother, her autistic child, or her father who had supported her on her path as a powerful woman.

It’s great if we can find these role models pictured on our corporate 13th floors. We may, though, have to look to other, not so obvious historic or fictional sources for inspiration, like Malala Yousafzai who struggled for an education and was shot by the Taliban. Mine growing up was, and still is, Joan of Arc.

Let’s bring these role models alive and have them serve as our guides.

Choosing a Role ModelSpecializing In

I invite you to choose a role model and to think about what made her (or him) strong.

More will be forthcoming as I research and write about female role models.

I would love to hear about your role model and the qualities that make her special to your life.  Feel free to add a comment.