Corporate Services

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I offer customized coaching and training, for individuals, teams or departments, to support them in achieving their goals.

While a corporate trainer in Management Development and Training for New York Life Insurance Company, I have been a partner to various business groups and departments, consulting with, designing and delivering programs to meet their needs. Customized programs have included: Coaching Employees on Flexible Work Arrangements, Leadership Effectiveness, Focus Groups.

Some possible areas where I can assist:

From an hour-long lunch and learn, to training or coaching on effective presentations or to a year long coaching contract for a key executive, I will customize the program and delivery to meet the needs of your organization.

Recent workshops I’ve conducted included: Innovative Coaching: Lessons from the Body’s Wisdom delivered at the ICF Retreat and Valley of the Sun United Way.

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Programs Specifically Designed for Female Leaders:

Leadership Enhancement 360° Feedback:

Often, we are blind to the behaviors that could derail us as leaders. A personalized 360° report can pinpoint your strengths and areas for improvement and get you the feedback needed for success. Feedback is based on self-input, your boss, peers, employees or others in your circle of influence.

Leadership Enhancement Workshop: Catapulting Strengths and Overcoming Detractors

In this workshop, we use the results of the Leadership Enhancement 360 tool to identify the key enhancers and potential detractors at work on your leadership path. You’ll create a results-oriented action plan and learn valuable tips for enhancing your competency and capacity as a leader.

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