A Woman of Power Maps Her Own Destiny

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Queen Elizabeth was clearly born with her destiny assured. Many of us–not so lucky. Instead, we need to take charge of our own destiny. We can map out and take control of where we’re headed in our careers and in what we want to achieve in  our personal lives.  We can look at the word “destiny” as meaning ‘fate’ or we can view it in more pragmatic terms as a ‘destination’.

Women of Power see and focus on the destination. They know what they want and focus on the end result as attainable, taking meaningful steps to take them there.  Here are some questions to ask yourself in terms of your destination for 2017 and some next actions to get you on your way. (more…)

Too Much of a Nice Gal? Time to Power-Up

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Sometimes, we accommodate others for fear we’ll have lost an opportunity. Sometimes, it goes much deeper as we were taught to put others before ourselves, that we were “nice girls” and it was our place to do so. My question becomes: How can we better advocate for ourselves so that we share equally in the prize without giving up what we fully deserve?


Reclaiming Your Power: A recap of my 9/4 telecall

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In this blog post you will find a recap from a 9/4/14 telecal, where I explored the topic of reclaiming your power, and spoke about 8 ways in which we give up power as women and 7 tips for reclaiming our power.


The Power of Female Role Models

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Female Role Models. Are there any in Corporate America?  you may be asking. The 13th floor was where the top executives in the corporation for which I worked had their offices.Pictures of past presidents and chairmen lined the halls. Reminiscent of male bastions of power, female pictures were noticeably absent.