I have worked with Jewel for 5 years. She changed my life. From our first meeting I was sold. Jewel asked me what I wanted to change in my life and then we went straight to work. Through a series of physical exercises and “mantras” that we created in our conversations, she helped me change my self perception of the world.

I was accountable every time I spoke to her to continue exercises we practiced to help re-wire my brain. It took time and dedication but it worked.

Jewel will help you achieve your goal whatever it is and will push you to get it done.

–LV, Digital Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur



Jewel provided a strong foundation that hopefully the team will be willing to build upon in the days ahead.

Her caring and sensitivity to the issue played an important part in the second session even happening at all. I think she provided a lot of insight into the issues at hand and adapted the agenda to the reality of the situation.

It was greatly appreciated that she took some members’ individual sensitivity into account and adjusted for such.

A lot of her ideas were very insightful and gave us all food for thought.

I think both sessions were very helpful and I know I took some useful information and tools away from these sessions.

– KS, Corporate VP, Insurance

(on working with an employee team and its managers)



Jewel helped me to be true to myself and discover parts of myself that were dormant for a long time.

I realized how many wonderful options there are and feeling empowered opened my eyes to new possibilities in my career and beyond.

For the first time in my life, I set career goals. I have been at my new job and I feel confident I made the right decision

– LH, Marketing Account Manager



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